Auto Sport International Event 2017-The amazing platform for motorsport fans

Are you a motorsport fan? You certainly would not take the chance of witnessing the AutoSport International event! Autosport expo features the most fastest and iconic cars. The displayed cars are unique with latest technology and innovations. This event together brings the wide collection of cars, stars and enthralling actions! The fast and speed wheel to wheel racing is indeed incredible for the car enthusiasts from around the UK.  This event is widely popular that attracts persons from abroad! Rather than an event, AutoSport has become a celebration that includes motorsport, celebrity appearance, live action, thrilling rides and much more.

Detailed information about AutoSport International Event

This amazing celebrating moment would commence on 12th January 2017 which is a 4 days celebration! The event organized in the year 2016 was the largest and plans have been prescribed to make this event much bigger and better in all aspects. Car racing indeed is one of the events at AutoSport but is adjoined by trade and technical area, historic motorsport and fitness and preparation. All these enthrall the passionate persons who seek a greater platform as per their varying needs.

Varied segments of AutoSport International Show

  • Autosport is the best platform for the competitors as well as the drivers who are keen for participate on the entry level of the motorsport. This includes circuit racing, hill climbing, rallying, sprints, trials and auto test.
  • The persons who are expecting to gain knowledge and information on karting. The top leading manufacturers and associations offer loads of information on different aspects of karting. It is indeed valuable for the racing veterans as well as the complete beginners.
  • The trade and technical section are one of the major parts of the show that supports an impressive line-up of the technical motorsport suppliers as well as the companies.
  • The leading brands of historic motorsport that includes the historic events organizers and the historic car clubs with bespoke restoration companies take a part in the event.
  • The enthusiasts are offered amazing opportunities for getting prepared for motorsport. The fitness and preparation program involved in the event is highly dedicated to the area that spreads knowledge among the visitors. The visitors can gain knowledge about the best advice, products and training schedules that help them to achieve success in every level of motorsport.
  • This event includes experience zone which allows getting involve in own kind of racing whilst at the show.
  • At the AutoSport International event, the viewers can gain knowledge about autograss, rallycross, drag racing, oval racing, road and off-road racing.

Don’t miss this opportunity

First, 2 days of the 4 days event is dedicated to trading that offers the opportunity to the members of motorsport, automotive and the performance engineering industries to gather at one platform and spread their network. This platform is indeed the best B2B environment.

The last 2 days of the event is open for public! During the weekend, this historic show is witnessed by motorsport fans in massive numbers. Fastest, biggest and incredible cars are displayed over here! A motorsport fan can find everything under one roof- AutoSport International!